The Next Big 100

The Next Big 100

The Next Big 100 is a unique new initiative in partnership with StartupStack, which will identify and help early stage start-ups. The nominations are invited from innovators all across the country. Out of these, best startups will be selected by an eminent jury comprising of industry experts. Selected startups will be engaged in high intensity acceleration process which includes workshops, individual mentoring and advisory support by highly experienced industry experts.

Idea Submission to the Next Big 100

The competition is not about just recognizing the ideas but taking the ideas to the next level and putting an effort to support entrepreneurs. Prospective entrepreneurs may have many challenges including finding a good platform and getting seed funding to work on the idea to take shape in the form of product/service. Startup Stack will work with entrepreneurs to provide this support. The participants will be asked to come up with some innovative idea based on the themes. Theme list will be available on website for participants and participants have to submit their idea hard copy at the venue just before the start of the event.

The competition is divided into two rounds:

  • All participants need to submit their idea on or before 15th March, 2016.
  • All the ideas submitted will be evaluated by a panel of jury and top ideas will be shortlisted for Round II.
  • Top shortlisted ideas will be displayed on the website on 17th March, 2016.
  • The shortlisted participants will be required to give 10 minutes presentation of their Idea to judges.
  • This round will be held at Startup Stack event. Top three winners will be selected by a panel of Jury.
  • Next top 10 ideas will be recognized and will be eligible for prizes.


  • A team participating in Startup Stack can consistof at most 3 members. No change of team members is allowed once the event starts.
  • There is no separate registration fee for Idea Submission.
  • Individual participation is allowed.
  • Teams need to address questions raised by competing teams and judges.
  • No abusive or objectionable content will be entertained.
  • Final judgment will be based on the idea submitted, presentation quality as well as your response to queries.
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